Rancho Santana


..."So this last year I decided to take the plunge. Visit a place most people haven’t been. I’ve found some of the best things in life occur when you step a little out of your comfort zone. It couldn’t be that bad to go for a couple of days and come home" Click Read Part One



...Just then Rommel said “We are here Senor Steve.” An unassuming sign centered between wood rails welcomed me to Rancho Santana. After 2 days of travel I was finally here. The real reason for my trip. Click Here to Read Part 2



...He told his personnel “Go where you need to go, it doesn’t matter where"....Less than a year later they were back. “We’ve found it” they said. Okay well we can sit down and compare. “No you don’t understand, we’re done. We’ve found it.” Click Here to Read Part 3







...“you’re going to come back aren’t you?” ...I nodded.


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