How are you compensated? Do I have to write you a check?

We are paid as a percentage of your account value. This fee can be anywhere between .75% and 1.25% and is billed quarterly. Additional services such as option trading and hedging strategies is .50% extra. These fees are taken directly out of your account and are disclosed with your statements.

Where are my assets held?

Your assets are custodied by third parties such as TD Ameritrade. We do not hold the assets personally.

Do I get a statement?

Yes, you receive monthly statements

Are there any hidden fees?

We are paid thru fees only. This is disclosed in a statement to you every quarter. More complex trades may impose a small nominal transaction fee. Mutual funds may impose their own fee which varies from fund to fund.

What does it mean to act as a fiduciary?

As a fiduciary we represent you, the client, and not any 3rd parties such as brokerage firms or insurance companies. In fact, we sign a contract with our clients stating that we only represent them.

I work with a broker already. Why would I want to work with you?

Because we take a holistic approach to your financial planning. You can get your investments managed, comprehensive financial planning including insurance and retirement benefits, assistance with estates and trusts and other financial matters taken care of by one firm for one fee.

I have a small $5000 account. Can you help me?

We would be happy to sit down with anyone. We feel that our services can help most people in most situations.

I have a brokerage account I would like to move. How do I go about it?

Actually it’s very simple. We fill out a transfer form and send it in. You do not have to go back to see the broker.

Where do you invest YOUR money?

At CSH we eat all our cooking. We are long term investors in many of the securities we recommend to clients.

Do you offer general brokerage accounts? For instance if I want to buy and sell certain stocks for my account can I do that through you?

All our accounts are discretionary. In other words we make the buy and sell decisions. We do not allow our clients to trade using these accounts.

Everyone deserves a reliable financial partner they can trust

Working together we’ll ensure you live a comfortable, financially-stable life.